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I offer THREE unique packages to my clients in addition to the traditional repertoire of coaching services:

Separation/Divorce Life Redesign Package: I'll be your moral supporter during this difficult time, refer you to resources and people who can help with the legal details, recommend places to meet others going through separation, and help you plan a healthier/happier life going forward. Includes as-needed hour-long coaching sessions ($70 ea.) and email/phone support between sessions. I also help you when you're ready to begin dating after you heal from your divorce. For more info, see my dating coaching website:

Overcome Procrastination Jump-Start Package: Includes two 30-minute coaching sessions, my "21 Ways to Overcome Procrastination" tip sheet, weekly follow-up e-mails to keep you on track, and as-needed short phone pep talks. $125

New Business Owner Launch Package: I'll help you choose your company name, determine your ideal customer, write your brochure and website, and create and stick to your marketing plan. Includes four 30-minute coaching sessions and a first draft of copy for your brochure and website. $450