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A Date Within 30 Days - For Singles Age 40-65
Sign up for one month of coaching with Dating Coach Gayle Crist, and she’ll make sure you have at least one date by the end of that 30-day period. Gayle offers a number of services that will help you feel more comfortable and confident in the singles world and maximize your chances of meeting new people.

COACH & WALK — Personal Life Coaching While You Exercise!
You'll get coached on finding time for and sticking to your fitness regime or any life issue you want to explore AND have a walking partner who will keep you committed to and more stimulated by your exercise plan! Here's how it works: I meet you at a location of your choice once a week on a day you choose and I coach you during a 30-minute outdoor walk (or somewhere inside when it rains or snows). You continue for as many weeks as you need to reach your goals and resolve your issues!

AS-NEEDED COACHING — Spur-of-the-Moment Coaching Session When You Really Need It!
Coaching is offered to those needing on-the-fly support during a crisis, transition or you simply need an immediate pick-me-up. When you just cannot wait, I provide you a "right now" session for only $40.

I met my husband online and can help you meet someone special too! I dated online for 14 months and learned a lot about how to attract great, high-quality people online.

Working together, we will refine a profile based on your strengths and define exactly what you are looking for in a partner. I can help you stay true to yourself and your most desired characteristics.

I can help you:

Write an effective, attention-grabbing profile to maximize your hits

Choose the best places to post your profile... the ones that have your kind of people

Post your photo (if you're not totally computer-savvy)

Establish an effective strategy for follow-up e-mails, phone calls and first meetings that gets you plenty of real dates with appropriate partners

Keep you on track with continuing your search even when you get discouraged by supporting your uniqueness, value and belief in yourself and your chances of success

Make sure you stay positive... which is the best way to attract positive people